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Without a doubt Escape Rooms have grown vastly in popularity, however their attention to detail when it comes to production values can often be questionable. No where has this been less the case than at Time Run.

After an initial briefing in a gentleman’s study you journey on a rapid adventure with your team. I can remember traveling through at least five different zones, each with it’s own puzzles to solve, but more importantly each with a completely unique look, sound and experience.

There were some of the locked box and padlock type puzzles that the genre is well know for. But there were also many more physical type puzzles more akin to TVs Crystal Maze. This lead to a lot of rapid movement around the small spaces and a racing heart. The best way to solve the puzzles of course is to slow down and be calm collected and work as a team.

The little worlds were exceptionally well made. The stand out zones being the futurist space craft, that felt like being in an episode of Red Dwarf, and a Cold War era Russian nuc silo control centre. I wished we could have stayed longer in each area.

Whilst the overall narrative of an escaped vengeful god was a little over blown our team left absolutely amazed and wanting much more of this sort of thing!


Time Run
Insane level of detail for the stagingFast paced and highly textured
Goofy storySome puzzles can split team apart
4.3From £33pp
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